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Totalclene - General purpose degreaser

Environmentally friendly replacement for aggressive degreasers

Totalclene is a powerful multi-purpose detergent cleaner and degreaser which can safely be used on hard and porous surfaces to remove surface contaminants*.

Although Totalclene is fully biodegradable, it is very effective at cutting through grime, grease, oils, fats, and many other surface contaminants. One application of Totalclene, either as a spray or hose application, lifts grease & oils off surfaces so effectively that they can be washed away with clean water.

In very dirty areas, or where grease deposits are baked on, you may need to agitate the surface with a brush, sponge or scouring pad to help lift the contaminants. The longer you can leave the detergent on the contaminated surface, the easier the dirt will be to remove, however do not let the degreaser dry onto the surface.

Safe to use

Unlike many degreasers Totalclene does not contain alcohols, acids or solvents which can cause damage to many surfaces. As a result it can safely be used on stainless steel and other high finish surfaces without causing surface damage or streaking.

Totalclene is ideal for food preparation and service areas as well as kitchen flooring, where it quickly and easily removes oil and fat splashes, prior to using a sanitiser such as Surfaceclere.


As with most Cleresolution products, Totalclene can be supplied in either a 1 litre container with applicator which is used with a garden hosepipe with a standard Hoselock™ connector or similar, auto-diluting to the correct concentration, as a 5 litre container for direct dilution on site, for instance into a bucket for mopping a floor, or in a 750ml trigger spray for small or awkward areas.

Applications – Totalclene

  • Food & drink industries
  • Lesuire facilities
  • Vetinary & animal care
  • Kennels & Stables
  • Domestic
  • Camping & caravanning
  • Boating
  • Catering
  • 'On the move'

* always test any cleaning products on a hidden area first when using for the first time.