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Floristclere - Specialist sanitiser

Effective cleaner & sanitiser for the floristry industry

Floristclere is an effective cleaner and sanitiser, designed for use by wholesale and retail florists, cut flower production premises and general glasshouse cleaning. When used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, Floristclere will disinfect and deodorise surfaces such as flower buckets, floors and walls of cold stores, packing benches and sales counters.

Bacterial control

Floristclere can be used as a general purpose bacterial control solution in florists, wholesale plant distributers, and commercial horticultural environments.

When used as a wash or a fog, Floristclere will remove algae, mould, bacteria and fungi from glasshouse walls, roofs & floors and storage & packing areas, preventing re-colonisation if used as part of a routine maintenance programme.

Prolong the life of cut flowers

Floristclere is an effective control for the bacterial slime that blocks cut flower stem ends, and for those bacteria whose production of ethylene gas can cause premature aging of cut flowers such as carnations, orchids, sweet peas, freesia and alstroemeria.

Floristclere is colourless and almost odourless with a slight soapy scent.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally & user-friendly, Cleresolutions’ products do not require protective equipment when applied as directed.

Applications – Totalclene

  • Wholesale & retail florists
  • Horticultural
  • Glass Houses
  • Cut flowers; wholesale & domestic