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Product Guidance

Product Guidance

Please take time to read the guidance below on how to get the most from your Cleresolutions product.

If for whatever reason, you feel that you are still struggling with your application, please contact Neil Munn at neil@lombardtrading.co.uk and we will look to provide you with the support that you need.

Guidance – Algeacides & Sanitisers

Golden Rules

  • Apply the product to a dry surface (to avoid over-dilution)
  • Fully wet the area being treated (to ensure complete treatment and protection)
  • Allow the surface sufficient time to completely dry (to ensure that the product is fully bonded to the surface)

When to apply

  • On external applications apply mid-morning through to early afternoon to allow the product sufficient time to fully dry and bond to the surface before evening damp and/or rain sets in.
  • Avoid applying the product if there is a chance of rain before the product has had an opportunity to fully dry and bond to the surface. Once the product has bonded, rain will not reduce its effectiveness.
  • Avoid particularly cold days; the product works more slowly as temperatures drop below 7oC, going dormant below 0oC. The product will re-activate once temperatures rise.

How to apply using the Hose-end Applicator

  • Connect the applicator connector into the HoselockTM connector on your hosepipe.
  • Turn on the water supply.
  • Turn the water feed tap (White) through 90 degrees to switch the water on and then turn product feed tap (Blue) through 90 degrees to start applying the product.
  • Wash the surface to be treated with a generous coating of Cleresolutions product making sure that the surface is thoroughly wetted.
  • When you have completed applying the product, turn the white & blue tap off and disconnect from the hosepipe. The surface should then be left to dry.
  • The applicator automatically dilutes the product as it is applied.

How often to re-apply

  • Typically the surface will only require re-treating after 12 months as part of an annual maintenance programme.
  • If the area being treated is prone to heavy algal growth – under a tree, constantly in the shade or subject to constant dampness – you may have to treat the area every 6 months.

Top tips

  • The feed from the bottle takes a moment to prime; direct the spray away from the area being treated until you can see the product start to ‘foam’, to avoid over-dilution.
  • Work methodically, keeping a constant wetted front to ensure that you get the most coverage from your container. If necessary go back and re-apply to awkward areas to ensure that they are fully treated once you have tackled the main areas first.
  • Adjust the pressure from the tap to create a spray from the applicator nozzle approximately 2-2.5meters (6-8 feet) in length; to little pressure and the applicator will not prime; to much pressure and you will empty the bottle very quickly before you have had time to treat the complete area.


1 Litre bottle with hose-end applicator*
5 Litre refill
750mL bottle, RTU (ready to use)
1 Litre bottle, RTU (ready to use)
5 Litre bottle, RTU (ready to use)

Typical coverage 150m2
Typical coverage 750m2
Typical coverage 2.8m2
Typical coverage 3.8m2
Typical coverage 19m2

Figures for coverage are based on a flat, smooth surface. For example, for decked areas assume approximately 30% wastage and that a 1L bottle is sufficient to give a single application to a 40’ to 50’ boat.

*automatically dilutes to 40Litres

How quickly does it act

  • Allow up to 7-10 days. Cleresolutions products are non-aggressive; they do not strip off the surface layer of the area being treated.
  • After 1-2 days you should see that most of the algae has been killed and turned black; this will gradually drop off and/or be washed away with rain.
  • The product continues to act over a period of 12 months, with the area having been treated getting progressively freer of algae & mould.
  • Used as part of an annual maintenance programme, the treated area will improve year on year.

Does it treat lichen & moss

  • Yes, it will kill off these organisms and prevent their re-colonisation. This will take a long time. If you need quick results, pressure wash or brush the area being treated first, then treat with the Cleresolutions product to prevent re-colonisation.

Is it safe to use

  • Clereslutions’ products are non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are safe to use where there are children, pets, aquatic life and hardy plants present, in it’s dilute form – i.e. in Ready-to-Use (RTU) form or as sprayed from the applicator.
  • Do not treat areas directly with the concentrate refills.
  • We recommend that pets’ water and feed bowls are removed from the area being treated and that pets are kept away until the product has dried to avoid them drinking it.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • Available on request

It does not appear to be working!

  • Please read through the guidance above and if you still believe that there is a problem, please get in touch – sales@lombardtrading.co.uk.