A one step solution to algae, mound and mildew problems on marquee PVC, canvas & linings - protect your investment


Marqueeclere - Treatment & protection against mould & algae for marquee PVC & canvas

Protection against premature degradation

Marqueeclere is a new technology which prevents the colonisation of mould on the PVC and canvas surfaces of marquees, awnings and pre-tensioned structures so that they stay mould-free, preventing premature degradation.

Prevent & treat stains

When applied in accordance with the instructions, Marqueeclere will prevent stains caused by algae, mould and bacteria, protecting the fabric when packed away. Marqueeclere is quick and easy to apply using the supplied applicator attached to a garden hose with a standard Hoselock™ connector or similar, or by adding to a ‘dip’ tank.

With new surfaces there is no need to pre-clean, however where canvas has already been used then it may be necessary to wash the surfaces with a suitable mild detergent such as Marqueeclene. Extensive staining already within the material will not be removed completely, however treatment with Marqueeclere will prevent further staining and prolong the life of the fabric by preventing premature degradation from algae and mould.

Marqueeclere does not weaken the fabric or stitching, nor promote discolouration of the material. Apply prior to putting away for winter and for off-season protection from algae, mould and mildew stains during storage. Apply again after removal from storage.

Long-term installations & PVC erected and packed away on a frequent basis

Temporary and semi-permanent structures, left up for prolonged periods of time are very susceptible to environmental staining and algal growth, particularly in any areas where water is allowed to collect, on stitching and kader, as well as on any areas in permanent contact with the ground.

This can lead to the installation rapidly starting to look ‘tired’ with premature staining and degradation of the fabric not far behind, if left untreated.

PVC walls and roofs that are erected and then packed away frequently throughout the season are also prone to the rapid onset of ‘black death’ (caused by bacterial growth occurring within the fabric when packed away wet or damp) after the thin protective layer has been degraded by micro-cracking caused by frequent folding and unfolding of the PVC.

Treat your PVC with Marqueeclere to prevent premature degradation before its service life is reduced unnecessarily.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly Marqueeclere controls 99.99% of all known algae, mould, bacteria and fungi. It contains no toxic chemicals such as creosotes, aldehydes, chlorine, alcohols or silicones and is quick, easy and safe to apply with no need to worry about overspray onto other surfaces.

Applications - Marqueeclere

  • PVC roofs & walls
  • Canvas roofs & walls
  • Banners
  • Pre-tensioned structures