A one step solution to algae, mound and mildew problems on marquee PVC, canvas & linings - protect your investment


Marqueeclene - A biodegradable wash, safe and kind to the environment

Advanced cleaning system

Marqueeclene is an effective cleaner for use on PVC and canvas to remove dirt, grime and environmental staining.

Marqueeclene can be used on most surfaces including GRP, timber, glass and Perspex as well as aluminium and stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

Protect the environment & your PVC

Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is an aggressive chemical commonly used within the industry to remove environmental staining. It does provide rapid short-term results, but acts by stripping away the surface layer of the PVC fabric, in particular the protective microfilm that provides new PVC with its shiny, glossy finish. When this layer is broken down, the TFR soaks into the main body of the fabric, and if not fully washed out, causes permanent staining, often presenting as large ‘pink’ patches which cannot be removed.

Many other detergents, not designed specifically for use on PVC and canvas, contain phosphates that can cause local oxygen depletion in watercourses and encourage algal bloom resulting in localised suffocation of aquatic life. They often also contain chlorine, ammonia, potassium hydroxide, bleach, petroleum products and solvents. All of these can be very harmful to the aquatic environment and damaging to the surfaces they are applied to, particularly aluminium fixtures.

Marqueeclene contains no harmful chemicals protecting the environment and prolonging the service life of your PVC.

Easy to apply

Marqueeclene is easy to apply using the supplied hose end applicator attached to a domestic hosepipe using a standard Hoselock™ connector or similar.

Using the water tap on the applicator (coloured white), wash over the whole area to be cleaned. Once the area is thoroughly wetted, turn on the Marqueeclene tap (coloured blue) and simply apply to the surface to be cleaned. Lightly agitate with a soft brush or sponge to lift any accumulated dirt before washing off with clean water before the product has had time to dry.

When used as directed, Marqueeclene will not cause any damage to the surface of your PVC and canvas, leaving you with a great finish, safe in the knowledge that you have not done any harm to the environment.

Applications - Marqueeclene

  • PVC
  • Canvas
  • Aluminium & stainless steel
  • Vacuum-moulded hard-walling panels
  • Plastic flooring tiles