A one step solution to algae and mound problems on boats, sails, canvas and marinas - protect your investment


Marine Products Range

A range of environmentally friendly products, specifically engineered to treat and protect against mould & algal build up in the Marine environment. The Marine Range offers long-lasting protection for up to twelve months, and with the special application system, takes minutes to treat large, complex areas.

Marineclere Pro

Cleans, protects and prevents the build-up of mould & algae on slipways, pontoons and walkways in the marine environment.


Treats and protects against mould & algal build-up on boat and yacht topsides, decking and hulls, deck furniture and canvas.

Deckclere Plus

Engineered to provide long-term protection to boat and yacht wooden decking from algae & mould with a built in waterproofer.


Treats and protects against mould & algae build-up on sails and canvas covers.


A biodegradable boat wash, safe and kind to the environment


A fuel additive to remove algae & bacteria – AVAILABLE SOON

Recycling - A donation will be made to the RNLI for every empty container of Cleresolutions product, recycled back though us.

Complimentary Products

Sanitiser Range

Products from the Sanitiser Range that
you may find useful around the boat:


Leisure Range

Products from the Leisure Range that you may find useful on exterior soft furnishings, such as deck cushions etc:

Fabrikclere Plus