A one step solution to treat & control algae, mould, mildew & bacteria - treat & protect


Poolclere Pro - Pool water treatment for swimming pools & spa pools

Chlorine free Pool Treatment

Poolclere Pro is a low toxicity pool water treatment suitable for use in indoor and outdoor pools, spa pools and paddling pools for the control of bacteria and algal contamination.

Kind to the environment, Poolclere Pro does not contain aggressive chemicals such as chlorine or bromine and is therefore less likely to cause bleaching of swimwear, aggravation of respiratory ailments such as asthma, and irritation of the skin, as may occur with chlorine based pool treatments.

Unlike chlorine based products Poolclere Pro does not break down in sunlight.

Quick and easy to use, Poolclere Pro does not require any special preparation or mixing and it is safe for customers to use the pool following treatment, even after shock dosing directly to the pool. Poolclere Pro is almost entirely odourless and will clean filters and pumps as well as the pool water.

Shock Treatment

Poolclere Pro can be used to 'shock-treat' your pool or spa. For shock treatment, use Poolclere Pro in a ratio of 80mL per tonne rather than the standard ratio of 150mL per tonne used for periodic dosing.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly, Poolclere Pro controls 99.99% of all known algae, mould, bacteria and fungi. It contains no toxic chemicals such as creosotes, aldehydes, chlorine, alcohols or silicones and is quick, easy and safe to dose.

Applications - Poolclere Pro

  • Spa Pools
  • Swimming Pools
  • Leisure Pools
  • Water features & fountains