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Lombard Trading launches updated website...

Lombard Trading, sole distributor for the complete range of Cleresolutions products in the South, are delighted to launch their updated site which now contains full information on the complete range of Cleresolutions products, additional technical support including FAQs and details of recent case studies, along with an online ordering portal.

'…the updated site should not only provide better support our Trade clients, but also help individual users to find their local stockist, or place orders direct…'

Comments and feedback, to help us improve our service are always welcome.

Email us at sales@lombardtrading.co.uk

Coming soon … on-line trade portal with MSDS data sheets, marketing support downloads etc.

Premier Marinas save up to 80% on their Maintenance Costs...

After extensive trials lasting 12 months, Lombard Trading has been asked by Premier Marinas to supply the first batch of Marineclere Pro to treat all of the pontoons at Port Solent.

Applied to the Fuel Berth Pontoon, a section of the concrete apron in front of the fuel pumps and on an adjacent brick wall suffering from lichen growth, 12 months later and Marineclere Pro has demonstrated effective control & protection against algal growth and has removed the majority of the lichen in all three trial locations.

'…we (at Premier Marinas) are delighted with the results, the pontoon has been clear of algae over the course of the trial; the results on the concrete and wall are particularly impressive.'

Marineclere Pro is a water based protection system that can be sprayed directly onto decking, marina walkways, slipways, pathways, timber and plastic fixtures and fittings, using a garden hosepipe with a standard Hoselock™ connector or similar and the supplied easy-to-use applicator.

Marineclere Pro will prevent the propagation & colonisation of hard-shelled organisms such as lichen, a fungal plant that grows symbiotically with algae, leaving the dead shells to drop away with time.

' the commercial case is very straightforwards…treating the marina pontoons with Marineclere Pro is significantly more cost effective and quicker than pressure washing.'

Using Marineclere Pro, pressure washing or scrubbing is not needed, making this system quick and effective in treating large areas. Non-slippery when applied, and providing long-term protection against algal and mould build-up, Marineclere Pro offers significant savings in time & labour whilst also avoiding the mechanical damage caused by pressure washing & scrubbing.

' now that we have demonstrated that it does provide full 12 month protection between annual maintenance intervals, moving to the Marineclere Pro system is not a difficult decision.'

As with the complete range of Cleresolutions' products, Marineclere Pro is environmentally friendly, containing no toxic chemicals such as creosotes, aldehydes, chlorine, alcohols or silicones.and is quick, easy and safe to apply with no need to worry about overspray onto hardy plants or water.

Unlike many other products on the market Cleresolutions' products do not require protective equipment when applying the product as directed.

' as we have said before, it does what is says on the tin.'

With many thanks to Graeme Barnsley and the team at Premier Marinas, Port Solent.

For more information or to request a trial pack, please contact Neil Munn at neil@lombardtrading.co.uk

New Products...

Lombard Trading seeks to continually develop the product offering, in conjunction with their clients & Cleresolutions, to offer the best possible service.

Following on from successful trials with Marineclere Pro on the slipway at Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Hants, in treating the slipway for algae, Lombard Trading is currently looking to extend the time interval between treatments.

Emsworth Yacht Harbour Case Study

Marine slipways are notorious for rapidly accruing a thick, slippery algal deposit, which can present a hazard for launching and recovering boats. Trials with Marineclere Pro have demonstrated effective control of algae in this challenging environment where local environmental & tidal conditions present one of the most testing challenges for the Cleresolutions product range.

In conjunction with staff at Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Lombard Trading are looking to support the work carried out to date by extending the period required between treatments, reducing the maintenance overhead and freeing up the staff to concentrate on other tasks in this rapidly developing marina … a potential new product in the offing.

Watch this space for further updates.

If you have an application that you think may benefit from a series of trials please contact us direct at neil@lombardtrading.co.uk.

Cleaning Up at the Roman Baths...

Bath and North East Somerset Council select Heritageclere as sole approved product for algal removal on the fabric of the Roman Baths, classified as a World Heritage Site.

Heritageclere's environmental credentials, which include its ability to be used near water without contaminating watercourses and its non-aggressive cleaning action, have made Cleresolutions' Heritageclere the only product approved for use at the Roman Baths to control algae on the oolitic limestone Roman pavements and on the sensitive 2,000 year old Roman plaster.

'…Heritageclere is the only product that we have been able to use due to its ability to be used near water. The Baths run directly into the Avon so any chemical overspray will filter into the surface water table…'

Cleresolutions' range of products have been recognised by the building managers of Britain's rich architectural heritage as being the most environmentally and effective method of removing algae from a wide range of delicate building and surfacing materials.

Watch this space for further updates

Innovation in sanitisation solutions lands Cleresolutions top award...


Throughout the year the Directors at London & Home Counties Today select organisations that have best demonstrated a proven ability to go that extra mile in not only meeting but exceeding the needs of their clients.

In line with this philosophy, the Directors at London & Home Counties Today presented Cleresolutions with the BA AWARD FOR AGRICULTURAL SERVICES FOR SANITATION SOLUTIONS, 2011, highlighting in particular, their work in developing the Henclere product to offer the poultry industry an innovative & effective solution to cross-infection of birds from bacteria from their surrounding environment.

Commenting on receiving this accolade, Martin Blower said

'…the team at Cleresolutions are delighted that the Directors at London and Home Counties Today have chosen us to receive this award in recognition of the companies' continued drive to deliver high quality sanitising products which are not only very effective in a wide range of applications, but are kind to the environment…'

The Award Scheme was created in order to recognise those businesses and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their particular field.

'…We are always keen to bring attention to those who are providing a product or service that stands out from the crowd and deserves to be appreciated not only by our readers, but also by a wider audience…'

The technology used in Cleresolutions' products has been developed through years of research giving you the confidence that their products are market leaders in their sector. All products are designed to clean and sanitise whilst remaining kind to the environment.