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Garden & Heritage

Heritageclere - Treatment & protection against mould & algae for sensitive stonework & marble

Protection against the Environment

Heritageclere is a product engineered specifically for use in the heritage and architectural industries for the removal of mould, bacteria and algae from stone buildings, marble statues & plinths, paved pathways, stairways & balustrading where extreme care needs to be taken to preserve the integrity of the surface being treated.

Quick and simple to apply

Simply wash or spray Heritageclere over the statue, stone work or pathway being treated and leave to dry. Non aggressive, Heritageclere will not cause any surface damage to the marble, stonework or lime mortar render and will not only clear away mould and algae from surfaces but will also help prevent its reappearance if used as part of a regular routine maintenance programme*.

Engineered to give the best results

Given the sensitivity of some marble and stone surfaces, Heritageclere has been formulated in a range of strengths, designated IV, III, II & I, to ensure that an appropriate balance is maintained between efficacy of the treatment and long-term protection of the object or surface being treated.

If you have not had experience in using the Heritageclere range previously, please call to allow us to guide you in the selection of the most appropriate product for the project that you have in mind.


As with most Cleresolution products, Heritageclere can be supplied in either a 1 litre container with applicator, which is used with a garden hosepipe with a standard Hoselock™ connector or similar, as a 5 litre container of ready to use formulation for pressure sprayers, or in a 750ml trigger spray.

Quick, easy and safe to apply there is no need to worry about overspray onto hardy garden plants or lawns.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly, Heritageclere controls 99.99% of all known bacteria mould, fungi and algae. It contains no toxic chemicals such as creosotes or aldehydes and it does not break down in sunlight. There is no need for special preparation of surfaces.

Unlike many other products on the market Cleresolutions’ products do not require protective equipment when applying the product as directed.

Applications - Heritageclere

  • Flagstones
  • Marble & Stone stairways & balustrading
  • Stone buildings
  • Marble & Stone statues
  • Sculpture
  • Marble & stone fountains

*Where treated surfaces are situated under tree cover then more frequent applications may be required