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About Us

Environmental Policy

We are very keen to minimise our impact upon the environment, as such we actively try to understand and minimise our waste streams and energy consumption. We proactively encourage our suppliers and clients to do the same, wherever possible.

Product Sourcing

We have deliberately chosen to source from a UK based company that manufactures ecologically friendly and easy-to-use products. Cleresolutions’ products do not contain toxic or hazardous chemicals such as formaldehydes, chlorines, alcohols, phenols, bleaches, solvents or acids. The products are water based with no oils used as part of their manufacture, creating a product which is neutral, non-toxic and gentle on the environment.

Energy consumption

Many of the applications that the Cleresolutions Range are used in offer a direct replacement for energy-intensive pressure washing, particularly in treating against algae and lichen.

Using Cleresolutions products not only reduces energy consumption, but avoids mechanical damage and gradual erosion of the surface being treated by the pressure of the water.


The containers, applicators, caps and cardboard packaging are fully recyclable. We endeavour to keep packaging to a minimum and offer a donation to charity for every container recycled back through us as part of our commitment to the wider community.


We source in bulk and have set our pricing to encourage our customers to follow our lead to minimise the number of deliveries.

Paper waste

Although we do not consume large amounts of paper, we have chosen to transfer data – invoices, marketing information, pricing data etc – electronically wherever possible.

Any feedback on our Environmental Policy or any other information on this site is very welcome.

Neil Munn BEng(Hons), CEng, MIMechE
Director, Lombard Trading