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Cleresolutions 'Click & Spray'

Cleresolutions products can be easily applied with the hose end applicator which attaches to any domestic or garden hose pipe using a standard Hoselockā„¢ connector or equivalent.

The applicator automatically dilutes the product as it is applied.

As easy as watering your garden; connect the applicator to the HoselockTM connector on your hosepipe and then turn on the water supply. Turn the water feed tap (White) through 90 degrees to switch the water on and then turn product feed tap (Blue) through 90 degrees to start apply the product.

Wash the surface to be treated with a generous coating of Cleresolutions product making sure that the surface is thoroughly wetted.

When you have completed applying the product, turn the White & Blue taps off and disconnect from the hosepipe. The surface should then be left to dry.