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About Us

A Few words about Cleresolutions

Cleresolutions is a UK based company manufacturing a wide range of ecologically friendly and easy-to-use products that are designed to remove environmental contaminants such as algae, mould, bacteria and fungi from a wide range of surfaces and prevent their reappearance without affecting the surface being treated.

Cleresolutions’ Products

Cleresolutions’ products do not contain toxic or hazardous chemicals such as formaldehydes, chlorines, alcohols, phenols, bleaches, solvents or acids. The products are water based with no oils used as part of their manufacture, creating a product which is neutral, non-toxic and gentle on the environment. Cleresolutions products are almost entirely odourless, with a faint soapy scent.

Years of Research

The technology used in the Cleresolutions’ products has been developed and tested through years of research in a wide range of ecological situations within the marine, leisure, floristry, agricultural and animal husbandry industries, giving you the confidence that the product is a leader in its market sector.

As a leading provider of control systems for environmental surface contaminants, Cleresolutions products remove 99.99% of all known algae, mould, bacteria and fungi while remaining kind to the environment. When applied as part of a routine maintenance programme for new surfaces, the product will prevent the appearance of bacterial staining, mould and algae growth, and for older surfaces it will remove existing algae and bacterial growth and then prevent reoccurrence.

Current cleaners and disinfectants available on the market can cause long term surface damage to many materials such as plastics, fibreglass, timber, metals and canvas. Not only does this spoil the finish of the material once the damage has occurred, but the damaged to the surface increases the opportunity for surface contaminants to adhere to, and colonise, the surface making it more difficult to ensure effective algal, fungal, mould and bacterial control. Cleresolutions’ products do not cause damage to surfaces and are also very effective at removing algae, mould, bacteria and fungi from existing damaged surfaces.

Safe Application

Cleresolutions’ products are a water based prevention process that can be applied directly onto your decking, wood and plastic furniture, children’s garden toys, fixtures and fittings, outdoor animal pens and kennels, pool surrounds, boats, tents, caravans, sails and many other surfaces, using a garden hosepipe with a standard Hoselock™ or similar connector and the easy-to-use plug in hose end applicator. Simply click and spray.

Alternatively Cleresolutions’ products can be supplied ready for use in 750mL trigger sprays, 1 litre containers formulated for use in pressure sprayers, or in 5 litre refill containers for cost effective treatment.

Unlike many other existing products on the market, Cleresolutions’ products do not require protective equipment when applying the product as directed at recommended rates. If for any reason you need to handle the concentrate then use standard precautions i.e. gloves and eye protection.