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The Cleresolutions Advantage

Environmentally friendly

  • Water-based
  • Neutral pH
  • Non-aggressive
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradeable


  • Dual purpose, combined treatment & prevention programme.
  • Treats 99.99% of all known algae, mould, bacteria and fungi.
  • Protects for between 6 and 12 months, dependant upon the local environment.

Convenient to use

  • Available in 750mL trigger sprays for small and awkward areas
  • Available in 1 litre containers with applicator, for convenient ‘click & spray’ application to cover large areas very quickly.
  • Available in 5 litre refill containers for cost effective re-stocking and/or for on-site dilution for use in a pressure sprayers.
  • Non-slippery when applied.
  • Specialist protection equipment is not required when applied as directed.

Cost effective

  • A 1 litre container auto-dilutes to 40 litres with the applicator supplied with the bottle, giving coverage of up to 150m2 from a single, portable bottle.


  • In use with many well-respected organisations and institutions across a wide range of industries and applications.

Applicable to a wide range of applications & surfaces

  • From Marinas to Gardens, Swimming Pools to Shower facilities, Kitchens to Caravans……there is a Cleresolutions product for every application.