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Case Studies

Case Study - Marineclere Pro

'...A one step solution to algae and mould problems for marinas...'

Emsworth Yacht Harbour Slipway

Clear demarcation visible between treated and untreated areas after a single application. Images taken 6 days apart.

Most importantly, the treated area was no longer slippery under- foot.

'…this could solve a very real Health & Safety problem for us…'
Neil Brooke - Emsworth Yacht Harbour


1 Litre Concentrate w/ applicator (auto-dilutes at 40:1)
5 Litre refill

Typical coverage 150m2
Typical coverage 750m2

How to Apply...

  • Remove any loose debris from the area being treated, allowing the product to treat the surface directly.
  • Apply to dry surfaces to avoid the product becoming over-diluted.
  • Thoroughly wet the surface to be treated with Marineclere Pro using the applicator.
  • Allow to dry fully.
  • As the Marine Range is deliberately non-aggressive, full results may not be seen for up to five to seven days.
  • Areas suffering from particularly heavy growth of algae or mould may require a second application.

Why use the Cleresolutions Marine Range?

  • Completely bio-degradable – the Marine Range is a water-based protection system.
  • Easy to apply - no scrubbing, no brushing and reaches all those awkward areas with no extra effort.
  • Controls 99.99% of all algae, bacteria, moulds, fungi and prevents their reappearance.
  • Environmentally friendly - does not affect marine life in its dilute form.
  • Non-aggressive – does not contain bleaching agents or acids that damage the surface being treated.
  • Removes algae and mould. As part of a seasonal maintenance programme, provides long-term protection against growth of algae and mould - a one step solution to algae and mould problem for marinas.

How to use the hose end applicators - just plug in and spray

Cleresolutions products can be easily applied with our hose end applicator which attaches to any domestic or garden hose pipe using a standard HoselockTM connector or equivalent.

The applicator automatically dilutes the product as its applied.

As easy as watering your garden, just plug the applicator connector (A) into the connector oyour hosepipe and then turn the tap on. Turn the water feed tap (B) through 90 degrees to switch the water on and then turn product feed tap (C) through 90 degrees to start apply the product.

Wash the surface to be treated with a generous coating of Cleresolutions product making sure that the surface is thoroughly wetted. When you have completed applying the product turn taps B and C off and disconnect from the hosepipe. The surface should be left to dry.